LG is stepping up their game, and people are certainly taking notice. Their latest refrigerator models have received numerous awards, including Reviewed.com Editor’s Choice, CES 2016 Innovation Award, and the 2016 Red Dot design award. What are these new LG refrigerator features that are causing so much buzz? Well, here they are!



New LG Refrigerator Features

  • InstaView™ Door-in-Door®: This new exciting feature increases both convenience to you and the refrigerator’s performance. Giving the door a couple of quick knocks will illuminate to show you what’s inside! No longer is there a need to look for food with the door open, reducing cold air loss and increasing freshness. Check out LG’s video below highlighting the new feature:
  • Auto Open Door™: Got your hands full of food you’re trying to put in the fridge? No problem. Tap your foot on the “Door Open” light projection below the door to activate a sensor that will gently open the door for you.
  • Custom Chill™ Pantry: This wide and spacious pantry drawer has been designed to store whatever food items you need to. There’s a wide range of drawer temperature settings to attain optimum freshness for produce, meats, and much more.
  • Slim SpacePlus® Ice System: In an effort to maximize refrigerator capacity, LG designed this slim ice maker. Its sleek design allows for more shelf space and door bins. Talk about getting bang for your buck!


  • Smart Cooling® System: This state-of-the-art cooling system is designed to sustain superior conditions within the refrigerator. Its linear compressor immediately reacts to temperature fluctuations in order to keep your food fresh longer. Also, it utilizes strategically-placed vents in every section to surround your food with cool air no matter where it’s placed.

With these kinds of features, it’s no mystery as to why LG is considered one of the leaders in the appliance industry. When in need of a new refrigerator, we recommend you begin your search with LG! 

Justin Duby

Justin Duby

Justin Duby, a Grants Pass native, opened Just-in Time Appliance Repair in 2014 after working with his grandparents in the appliance repair business for almost 10 years. Justin attends various training programs throughout the year to keep his skills sharp.

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