Best Home Appliances for Amazon Alexa Users


Voice controlled everything is all the rage! It just makes everything so much easier, especially in the kitchen or even the laundry room. Forgot to turn the washer on earlier, but you’re already comfy on the couch? No problem, have Alexa turn it on for you. There are plenty of appliances for Amazon Alexa users that are a perfect addition to your high-tech home.

Appliances for Amazon Alexa

If you’re already an Amazon Alexa user and you’re in the market for some new appliances, getting ones that work well with your existing voice control system is a must. Alexa saves you time and stress with so many things, why not your appliances? You’ll want to make sure the appliances you’re researching work with Amazon’s system. Here are a few appliances for Amazon Alexa users.

GE Appliances for Amazon Alexa

GE has a line of appliances that use Geneva, a voice assistant app, and they’ve integrated it to work with Amazon’s Alexa. You can tell Alexa to do various things if you’re occupied with something else. It can tell Geneva to preheat the oven, start your dryer, or get a pot of coffee going before you even get out of bed. Some of the best GE appliances for Amazon Alexa include:

  • GE Cafe Series French-Door Refrigerator – check ice level, get water filter alerts, heat water
  • GE Profile Series Slide-In Gas Range – preheat oven, change temperature, set cook time
  • GE Profile Dishwasher – monitor cycle time, lock/unlock controls, check rinse agent level
  • GE WiFi Built-In Washer & Dryer – check time left in cycle, start cycle, get completed cycle alerts

GE Monogram Appliances for Amazon Alexa

GE’s subbrand, Monogram, also offers appliances that work with Alexa. Monogram also utilizes GE’s voice control app, Geneva, to communicate with you, Alexa, and your appliance.

Monogram Built-In Professional Refrigerator – change temperature, get power failure alerts, check icemaker status

Monogram Double Pro Wall Oven – control temperature, set cooking/baking timer, preheat remotely

GE Monogram Fully Integrated Dishwasher – view time left in wash, get best wash alerts, monitor detergent and rinse aid

Kenmore Appliances for Amazon Alexa

One of the most popular brands for decades, Kenmore has stepped up their game with smart appliances for Amazon Alexa users. They have a full line of major home appliances that you can control with your voice, either from another room or another state! Kenmore’s Smart App is designed to work with Alexa to make your life easier.

Kenmore Smart Refrigerator – control Genius Cool temperature, monitor door status, receive built-in diagnostics

Kenmore Smart Washer – create unique wash cycles, pre-set wash times, get clean laundry alerts

Kenmore Smart Dryer – customize heat level, stop dryer remotely, get lint filter alerts

Need some tips on setting up appliances for Amazon Alexa, check out GE’s WiFi set up guide, or visit Amazon for more information on Kenmore Smart Appliances.

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