Deciphering the error code on your Electrolux dryer can be as frustrating as trying to speak the language in a different country. Even the smallest problem seems magnified when you can’t communicate. Our guide to the most common Electrolux dryer error codes can help you interpret malfunctions by removing the language barrier.

Code Breaking 101: A Guide to Electrolux Dryer Error Codes

By the time you find your dryer manual or look up codes online, precious minutes in a busy day have disappeared. Our guide does the Electrolux dryer troubleshooting for you, translating some of the most common codes for streamlined problem-solving.

Error Code E31

This common Electrolux dryer error code flashes if the moisture sensor is too high. To solve the problem, first make sure nothing is obstructing the moisture sensors. If there are no blockages, unplug the machine and inspect the sensors’ wire harnesses for damage. If all the sensor components seem normal, the electronic control board likely needs to be replaced.

Error Code E61

This error code signifies a heater relay issue. Assess the wire harness between the control board and the heating element for damage. A damaged harness should be replaced. If there is no apparent damage, the electronic control board needs replacement.

Error Code E64

Another of the more common Electrolux dryer error codes, E64 indicates a malfunction with the heater’s wiring or the heating element itself. If an inspection reveals damage or a lack of continuity, replace the wire harness or heating element.

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Error Code E66

This code signifies that the thermal limiter has tripped. This important safety feature is enacted when the dryer overheats. Check your dryer vent to assess for clogs, removing any visible blockages before turning on your dryer again. If there are no clogs, the thermal limiter may be faulty and will need replacement.

Error Code EF1

A code of EF1 can also indicate a dryer clog. Check your dryer exhaust vents both inside and outside the house, removing any blockages. If no clogs are evident, the thermal limiter may have malfunctioned and will need to be replaced.

Error Code E42

If your dryer control panel is flashing this code and your dryer won’t start, it signifies a door sensor error. The door switch or its wiring may be damaged or defective and will need to be replaced. If the switch or wiring shows no evidence of damage, then the control panel is faulty and requires replacement.

Error Code EF3

This code will display when the maximum drying time has been reached, but clothing remains damp. There are a few possibilities for this error code, including a clogged dryer duct or blocked or damaged moisture sensors. Remove all blockages from vents and clean moisture sensors. Damaged sensors will need to be replaced.

Our guide to Electrolux dryer error codes break down the communication barrier so you can solve dryer problems quickly. And for those dryer problems that still leave you in the dark, Just-in Time Appliance Repair can help. Call us for the best Electrolux dryer repair Medford.

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