With the holidays right around the corner, many of us want to have our ovens in tiptop shape for the important meals ahead. While there are numerous options for cleaning the inside of your oven, how to clean between glass on oven door can be somewhat of a mystery.

How to Clean Between Glass on Oven Door in 4 Steps

It may be tempting to use the self-cleaning feature, but it can’t get rid of those brown stains in your oven door. Plus, there are self-cleaning oven dangers to be aware of as well!

We’ve tried to take some of the unknown out of oven door glass cleaning by breaking it into the simple steps below:

Step 1: Remove Oven Door

To begin to clean between oven door glass, you must first remove it from the oven. Refer to your manual for specifics, but this can generally be done by unlocking the door’s hinges and lifting it upwards at a 75degree angle.

Place the door on a towel-covered surface to protect the glass.

Photo: GE Appliances

Step 2: Make Your Cleaning Tool and Solution

Your cleaning tool for how to clean in between glass on oven door is simple: wrap a hand towel around one end of a yardstick and secure it with rubber bands.

Mix a cleaning solution of warm water and dish soap in a bin or bucket.

Photo: GE Appliances

Step 3: Cleaning and Drying the Door

To clean between glass on oven door, dip the yardstick in the solution and gently insert the stick through the bottom opening on the door. Scrub and reuse solution as necessary to get brown stains off oven glass.

When the glass is clean, remove the wet towel from the yardstick, replacing it with a clean, dry dishcloth. Reinsert the yardstick and gently dry the glass. Leave to air dry for at least 1 hour.

Photo: GE Appliances

Step 4: Reinstall Oven Door

The last step in how to clean between glass on the oven door is reinstalling the door. Hold the door at the same 75degree angle and lower it into the hinges until you hear them lock in place. Ensure that the door opens and closes properly.

Photo: GE Appliances

Now that you know how to clean between the glass on the oven door, we hope it can become part of your regular oven maintenance. And if an oven repair is on the horizon, don’t hesitate to give Just In Time Appliance Repair a call.


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