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Even the most high-functioning dishwasher won’t perform to its potential if it’s not loaded properly. Wondering how to load a Maytag dishwasher for better results? Place concave items, like bowls and glasses, upside down for direct access to water and detergent. Use the following dishwasher loading tips to achieve cleaner dishes every time.

Why Is Knowing How to Load a Maytag Dishwasher Important?

Knowing how to load a Maytag dishwasher not only results in cleaner dishes but can avoid larger problems. Placing items on the right rack can prevent breakage and damage to your appliance. You can also avoid the waste of time and energy spent re-washing dirty items by not crowding them together. Here’s how to load each rack to improve dishwasher performance.

Bottom Rack

The bottom rack was designed for dinner plates, serving trays, and cookware. For best access to water and detergent, place dishes facing inward and cookware upside down, toward the spray arms. Does your dishwasher leave dishes wet? Improve drying by leaving adequate space between items for air to flow. Always position taller items around the perimeter of the rack so they don’t block the upper spray arm’s rotation.

how to load a Maytag dishwasher
Image from Maytag

Upper Rack

Knowing how to load a Maytag dishwasher includes reserving the upper rack for specific items. Glasses, mugs, bowls, and smaller dishes are best placed here to remain secure during washing. Always position these concave items upside down and at an angle for better rinsing and drying. Regardless of your dishwasher cycle, place plastic items in the upper rack to avoid damage from the dishwasher’s heating element below. Lastly, make sure there are no items hanging below the rack that can block the spray arm’s rotation.

Silverware Basket or Third Level Rack

Wondering how to load silverware in a Maytag dishwasher? It can vary based on your appliance model. Some have a traditional silverware basket while others also have a third level rack. 

Loading tips for silverware basket:

  • Alternate forks, spoons, and knives next to each other to avoid nesting and place one utensil per slot.
  • Place knives upside down to avoid injury.

Third level loading tips:

  • Place one utensil per slot. 
  • Place larger serving utensils flat on the rack.
  • Reserve space for small plates and cups to avoid crowding the upper rack.
how to load silverware in a Maytag dishwasher
Image from Maytag

Loading Mistakes to Avoid

Knowing how not to load a dishwasher can be just as helpful as the right loading methods.

Avoid these common dishwasher loading mistakes:

  • Overcrowding: Stuffing the dishwasher and overlapping items decreases access to water and detergent and increases the likelihood they’ll have to be re-washed by hand.
  • Pre-rinsing: Most dishwasher detergents work best when combined with a little grease and grime. Skip the pre-rinse and just scrape off large food particles before loading.
  • Loading the wrong items: Wooden utensils, oversized pots, and cutting boards can warp, split or block the spray arms. It’s best to hand wash these items.

Though knowing how to load a Maytag dishwasher properly can avoid damage and wear and tear, malfunctions can still occur. When they do, call the experts at Just-in Time Appliance for a fast and professional dishwasher repair!

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