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While some dryer sounds are part of normal operation, others are loud or strange enough to make you pause. Why is my LG dryer making noise that sounds like thumping? Drum rollers that become misshapen from lack of use can temporarily make this sound when a drying cycle starts. Figure out why your LG dryer makes noise when tumbling with this guide to common sounds and their origins.

Common Reasons for an LG Dryer Making Noise

When troubleshooting an LG dryer making noise it’s important to distinguish between normal sounds and those that are a cry for help. Before we list some unusual sounds and how to silence them, the following noises are part of normal operation.

Normal LG Dryer Noises

As quiet as they may be, an LG dryer making noise during operation is inevitable. In fact, some noises are essential to normal functioning.

The following sounds are considered normal LG dryer noises and aren’t a cause for concern:

  • Low humming: The blower wheel and motor make these sounds as they operate.
  • Quiet thumping: Wet clothes initially make this sound as they tumble in the dryer drum. The sound should gradually disappear as they dry.
  • Initial squeak or click: This brief sound occurs as the electrical relays start in the beginning of a drying cycle.

Water running or hissing: Steam dryers may make this sound as water from your home supply enters the dryer’s steam generator.

Dryer Makes Rattling Sound

Dryer Makes Rattling Sound

Is your LG dryer running loud with rattling sounds? Metal zippers and buttons as well as loose coins or paper clips can make this noise during tumbling. To reduce dryer noise, zip-up or button metal embellishments and turn these garments inside out. Before drying, check the pockets of each garment and empty them of any loose items.

lg dryer is noisy

LG Dryer Makes Thump Noise

You may find your LG dryer is noisy with thumping sounds after a long period of disuse. Without regular use, the rubber drum rollers that enable the drum to rotate smoothly can become flattened or misshapen. When a drying cycle is started, the flat spots on the rollers may make a thumping sound. After a few minutes, the heat and motion of the drum should return them to their normal shape and the noise should stop.

LG Dryer Parts Failure

If you still hear your LG dryer making noise, a part failure may be responsible.

The following parts can make a loud noise when they fail, requiring a professional replacement:

  • Drive belt: This slender rubber belt encircles the dryer drum via two pulleys, enabling the drum to rotate via the motor’s power. If the belt frays or tears, it can result in an LG dryer making squealing noise. However, if the belt has broken completely, the dryer won’t start at all.
  • Drum bearing: An LG dryer drum bearing is at the front and rear of the drum, helping to support its weight during tumbling. If the bearings wear out over time, the drum will be difficult to turn by hand and make a grinding noise as it rotates.
  • Blower wheel: The blower wheel circulates air in the dryer drum and expels it out the vent. If a small article of clothing or lint obstructs the wheel, it can make a loud squealing sound. This sound can also occur if the wheel malfunctions or wobbles.

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Justin Duby

Justin Duby

Justin Duby, a Grants Pass native, opened Just-in Time Appliance Repair in 2014 after working with his grandparents in the appliance repair business for almost 10 years. Justin attends various training programs throughout the year to keep his skills sharp.

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